Sweet messages!

  • If I would have to describe our overall satisfaction with Simone with only one word, then it would be – incredible!
    She hepled us tremendously during her first few days of visit by enabling us to get some precious hours of sleep. Then, once we recovered, she explained us thoroughly all the basic things we need to know for our day-to-day life with the little one. She gave us valuable tips and advices, kept track of all Aleksa’s main daily activities and filled out the post-natal book neatly. Lastly, she cleaned the house and did loundry, we couldn’t possibly ask for more! We enjoyed her company as she was very natural and spontaneous person, very friendly and easy going. We recommend Simone to other families with little kids!Kind regards,
  • We have had a nice and pleasant maternity week thanks to Mirelle.
    On her first day, she was absolutely thrilled, because we didn’t want to let our oldest daughter’s birthday pass by just like that. So birthday visit and maternity visit in 1, but that was no problem for Mirelle.
    Every morning she brought coziness and helped start the day and spoiled us by making breakfast and lunch.
    She also had a lot of patience with our oldest daughter and they quickly became “friends”.
    It was a relaxed and pleasant maternity week that we all look back on very positively, thank you dear Mirelle!!!
  • Our son was born on August 31, 2019, 2 weeks earlier than planned. From that moment on we are parents for the first time. Beautiful, but suddenly so much is coming at you.
    What about breastfeeding? Does that actually work….. and then the sleepless nights, the household that remains behind….. there is so much you have to think about (and not) and how wonderful it is that you can let this all go through the help from the Kraamspecialist. That there is an expert who can and will take care of you and who gives you as many handles as possible to give you confidence in what you really need as new parents. We registered ourselves at De Kraamspecialist well in advance. We chose this team because of the personal touch on the site. And there’s nothing wrong with that. What a nice, reliable and careful maternity agency.
    Fast responses, clear agreements and sincere people with a passion for their profession and so much knowledge. 2 days after the delivery we left the hospital at the end of the afternoon. We informed the maternity specialist that we were going home and our maternity assistant Brenda was immediately ready to give us the necessary information for the first evening/night. The switch was made so quickly and how nice that someone could come at the last minute. Such a first evening is just as exciting.
    The tips we received were really aimed at our family, our situation and our son who was a bit under weight. Not a standard ”story”.

    The next morning Brenda was right on time and pampered us all week and provided us with so much useful information. You can ask her anything and you will notice from her answers that she carries a huge backpack of knowledge with her.
    She is very independent by just looking for the things she needs and not constantly saving it. That saves so much energy. She is also a go-getter and knows how to explain things well by using practical examples and the necessary dose of humor. She has sweet extras as a surprise and is very hospitable to visitors.
    The week with Brenda has flown by!

    As laymen we started the maternity week and after a fantastic week we were as self-confident parents waving goodbye to Brenda. Many thanks for the incredibly good care. All praise!

  • Mirelle delivered maternity care to us last week and we are so excited about this we wanted to let you know here and leave a nice review 🙂 She just finished now and we have benefited so much from her support, help and tips and from We enjoyed her presence that we are really sorry that she had to leave. So we have received maternity care from Mireille in the past few days and are really very satisfied with it. My husband and I have really benefited from all her tips about taking care of our daughter. She taught us a lot and did a lot for and with our daughter. We also overloaded her with questions for a week and she had answers to everything. Mireille does all this on the basis of a lot of experience and natural … and when she does not know something, she checks certain protocols or with colleagues. Beforehand, it seemed especially intense or strange to my husband, to have a stranger over the floor all day long, but it didn’t feel that way at all! It immediately felt very familiar and supportive and it was also very cozy! Mirelle has also helped me a lot with the care and support for myself, both physically and mentally. Such a birth is not nothing so it really had to recover. Mirelle also helped me a lot with breastfeeding which was very nice. Exactly after the 7 to 8 days we have the idea that we can handle it completely with the three of us, although she could have stayed longer 😉 She is a real winner! Regards,
    and see you next time
  • I gave birth to a son on 15-10-2019 and was home the next morning. I have indicated that I do not want a student and my preference was for Mirelle. (At the last minute I was still asked if a student could like me and I agreed and certainly did not regret it)
    During my maternity period I had Mirelle and student Coby and I am so satisfied! I am a mother of 5 and what a patience they had for the children and we laughed so much! I am super happy with these two additions to my family, my kids all love them both. I never shed a tear during my previous maternity weeks, but now it really happened. Thank you ladies for a lovely time!!
  • When we found out that we were pregnant, the midwife immediately advised us to arrange maternity care. He advised us the maternity specialist and we have not regretted it for a second.
    Right from the start, the contact was very informal and direct, which we experienced as very pleasant. Very short lines. Chantal came to our home for the intake interview. It was a very nice conversation in which we discussed what our wishes were and how we saw the maternity period for us. In addition, several tips were already given for after the birth, which we greatly appreciated. As a maternity nurse we got Femmie. Femmy was fantastic. She was very cheerful and sweet to both our children. Femmie felt our home situation very well and went along with it so that we could be ourselves as much as possible and still receive optimal help. Every day all checks were carried out and we were provided with all kinds of facts and tips. We have benefited a lot from these facts. You could tell that Femmie has years of experience and knows exactly what she is talking about. If we had had a really bad night, she would send us back to bed (also my husband) so that we could recover and she took over the care of our baby. After having had a difficult delivery (which delivery is not heavy), you can recover for a while before you are alone again. You just knew that our daughter was in very good hands with her. We had a great time with Femmie and are very grateful to her for this.

    We are very satisfied with Femmie and the maternity specialist. The maternity specialist listened to us very carefully and if something was wrong, action was taken immediately, even though I gave birth in the busiest month of the year. Great class.

    Arabel and Chantal again thank you very much for making our maternity period a party with your adequate actions. X

  • What a wonderful maternity week we have had! Because I also worked in maternity care for a while, it was exciting to be on the other side now, but because of Corine I had every confidence in it! She brought a lot of peace and fun with her. Corine was able to reassure us when we were a bit unsure and she was also able to answer our questions well. Corine also sent us to bed every day, which sometimes went with some reluctance, but was very necessary. To end the last day we ate a pastry because we had such a nice time together. Wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! Thank you Corine for this wonderful week!

    Love Joey, Lisa and Noah????


  • We had a very special time with Corine during our maternity week. Besides the fact that she could teach us a lot of tips and tricks, she was also a very good listening ear for us. After the very heavy and intense delivery it was very nice that Corine listened to our story (counted 300x? ????) quietly. It is that we no longer want to expand our family, but otherwise the Maternity Specialist (with kudos to Corine) would be at the top of our list again! Thank you so much for everything, you have made us complete


  • A thousand thanks to the power women of De Kraamspecialist.
    The contact is fast (easily accessible), personal (very involved), knowledgeable (they really know what they are talking about and think along with them in specific cases and problems), friendly (just very nice people), professional (it remains business and that’s nice). Everything you want when you’re pregnant and especially when you’ve just given birth and are in such a fragile state of being. Not only your child, but also as a mother!
    It was a maternity week for me after the birth of my second child. Very best Arabel and Corine were there and took care of my physical and mental incredibly well. Just like the rest of my family. Thanks to these heroines we had a good start to a new life together


  • It’s difficult to express how much help De KraamSpecialist gave to me and my family in the days following my child’s birth. Aaltje worked hard to make sure that I was rested and that my son was perfectly looked after during my maternity week. Arabel also visited to make sure that everything was running smoothly. Today was Aaltje’s last day and although she left us well-prepared as new parents (or as much as one can be), I know we’ll miss her in the days and weeks to come.


  • I am not a maternity woman, but I am a fellow colleague (zzper) of the maternity specialist.
    What a great desk!!
    Very involved and accommodating with colleagues.
    There is a solution for everything.
    Ladies keep it up!! You are a great team together
  • Our son Boaz was born on Thursday, June 13, after which the three of us stayed in the Boven IJ hospital for another 4 nights. On Monday 17 June we were allowed to go home again. There we were received by Monique from the maternity specialist, she introduced us to parenthood in a short time and encouraged us to take a rest with the three of us, that was a very good plan, we soon left for dreamland. Unfortunately Monique couldn’t stay with us and we would get another maternity assistant the next day, exciting! The next day Corine was at the door, a sweet, caring, expert maternity assistant who pampered us. It was nice to have her present in our fledgling family life. She assisted us without being intrusive and treated us and our son very lovingly. Corine is caring, cheerful and has a sense of humour, qualities that we could really appreciate. We had a great time together and the time flew by, so we requested an extra day of maternity care to end it on a pleasant way (that says enough). We recommend the maternity specialist to every young family! Love Arthur, Tamara and Boaz
  • With Brenda by our side we had a wonderfully relaxed maternity week. Although it was our third child, it was very nice and useful to hear her advice and tips. Brenda was knowledgeable, calm and also very kind to our two other children. We are very glad she was with us!
  • Tomorrow Brenda and Mirelle will be with us for the last time, we will miss them. They have turned our maternity week into a relaxing dream week. Cozy, warm and carefree enjoying our daughter Kine while our toddler Kobe was allowed to help and was surprised by Brenda’s pirate boat of fruit. Ladies thank you for your good care and help, Lots of love Marijke Esther Kobe and Kine


  • We had a very nice maternity period, partly because of the expert and especially sweet help from Nanine! She was very flexible, thought along with us, gave us a lot of practical tips and above all a lot of confidence after a troubled start. Thank you for taking such good care of us and we certainly recommend the Maternity Specialist and Nanine in particular to everyone!


  • Dear people of the Maternity Specialist, I would like to write a review about the fantastic lady who helped us during the maternity week. Our son Pepijn was born on January 2 in the OLVG Oost. The labor had started overnight and your colleague Yvonne came to the hospital during the morning and joined our midwife to guide me through the contractions. She did this wonderfully! At one point when I ‘got medical’ she could have left, but I had so much support from her guidance that she stayed for the rest of the delivery – until the beginning of the evening. I am very grateful to her for how she actively supported me.

    The next morning Yvonne came to our house and she meant a lot to us here too. Her no-nonsense yet loving approach was very pleasant. She quickly got me back on my feet with a helping hand, tasty power shakes and the necessary encouragement – and introduced my friend to fatherhood. She came across as professional and committed and we couldn’t have asked for better help in the first week with our son. She prepared us for parenthood and got us on the right track. This also applies to Simone, who accompanied Yvonne for two days.

    Thank you so much for taking good care of us


  • “The maternity specialist was the perfect maternity agency for us. They are small-scale and very involved. We noticed this immediately because our maternity assistants Samantha and Mirelle were well aware of how the delivery had gone and could anticipate this with the care that had to be provided. Furthermore, during the intake we listened very carefully to our “wishes” and this was clearly noticeable in the care we received. Samantha and Mirelle were attentive and very professional but fortunately also flexible and not too strict and strict. They lovingly ensured that our entire family was able to recover in that week after the birth. The Maternity Specialist has ensured a perfect match between our family and the maternity assistant, for which I am very grateful to everyone. This certainly contributed to a smooth recovery.” Good luck! And I recommend you to everyone! Regards, Charlotte
  • I don’t know where to leave a sweet message so I’ll just do it like this. I had Mirelle and Simone as Maternity Care ladies. Gift from heaven. I came out of the hospital after 4 days and then ladies were immediately ready for me. Breakfast, chat and lots of support. Like I’ve known them for years. I could ask everything and nothing was too much for them. I said goodbye with a smile and a tear. They were also so sweet to Liam, actually I didn’t want to say goodbye, so we didn’t do that either, it was until later! Liam just added 2 aunts!
  • We couldn’t have wished for a better start! Thank you dear Kaylee for all the advice, useful tips, the help at home, your sweet care for the baby and your experience as a mother! And Chantal and Arabel THANK YOU for the good match with Kaylee and all the tailor-made care.
  • Had a fantastic maternity week with Inge! Inge was incredibly helpful and organized. This was really a breath of fresh air for us! Before she came we had no idea how nice it actually is to have good maternity care. After the first day it was really counting down the hours until she came again the second day. Just had the first day today without Inge, glad we learned so much and she left it well!


  • Dear Chantal, dear Arabel,

We have had a wonderful and relaxing maternity week unless you have experienced it. Uplifting words after nights of bad sleep, endless patience with breastfeeding, breakfast in bed, empty laundry baskets, braiding our daughter’s hair at 8 o’clock in the morning, good cooking but especially the peace that there was when Chantal was at home and can always ask your questions to the expert, because she is! I also needed that despite the fact that it is our fourth child and I am a midwife myself.

Arabel many thanks for putting Chantal into our family and Chantal, you are the best!

Love Karolien and Stefan

  • “When our second child was born, we received maternity assistance from the Maternity Specialist. Corine, our assigned maternity assistant, was great! She was knowledgeable, thorough and nothing was too much trouble. In addition, she was also very sweet to our oldest daughter who was walking around and of course had to get used to the new situation. She took good care of me and our son during the maternity bed, was open to all questions and made sure that the household continued to run, all without being very present. If we expect a third child, we would like to give her as a preference again! We were very satisfied and can look back on a very nice maternity period, partly thanks to this help!


  • We are very happy with the help we received from the maternity specialist. Patricia has given us confidence, learned a lot and took a lot off our hands. It was very nice to have her at home!


  • We loved being pampered after our tough delivery. Especially the handy home garden and kitchen tips for my little girl have given me a lot of self-confidence for the coming time. The convenience, the tranquility but also the conviviality of Chantal R. and Saskia mean that we would recommend the maternity specialist to everyone. Our maternity period was a great time! Thank you

Love Anita, Martin, Alexander and little Sofia

  • What heroines work at De Kraamspecialist! It was a joy to have Chantal G in the house. We learned a lot from her and she was fantastic with our son Floris. Chantal R’s aftercare with regard to breastfeeding was also top notch! Ladies, we can’t thank you enough!


  • I am very happy that I have found the Kraamspecialist. As an expat in the Netherlands , there are many new things to learn about having a baby here – this can sometimes be overwhelming, so finding the right specialists makes such a difference. Having a maternity care available after delivery to help with a new baby is a wonderful benefit in the Netherlands. I feel in safe hands with the Kraamspecialist and feel that the owner Arabel Roelofs delivers her work with genuine passion and care, and goes above and beyond with her work – this really makes a difference for a new mum to be. I look forward to the assistance of my Kraamspecialist when the baby comes next year.


  • I am living in Amsterdam and have just gave a birth to my lovely son 5 days ago. I have been suggested KraamSpecialist for the KraamZorg service and I was curious about it since I heard lots of different experiences about it from the other mothers. From day number 1 until now it is the most relaxing, so comforting and very educational experience I ever had. Me and my boy’s well being is perfectly taken care of and the house is in great shape. My food, my sleep and my comfort is in good hands so as my son’s sleep track and his progress is watched over. I am greatly educated about sleeping schedule and the breastfeeding techniques so I am already in comfort and all work easily. I recommend every mother and mothers to be to have such a help near you, to ease the first week of your motherhood and learn from the best. Thank you so much ladies for making my new life that easy and for taking care of us that good ?


  • We had a very nice maternity week! After a long delivery, all three of us were pampered by Karin, Brenda and Arabel, and that was so nice!! To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive about the maternity week, to have someone so much time with you while you are also searching and insecure yourself. During the intake I shared these concerns, and something has really been done about it! Karin and Brenda were so sweet and helpful, which really gave us a lot of confidence! Thanks again for everything!!


  • Time flies! Merlijn is now 6 weeks old and our little man is already so much bigger and we as brand new parents are a lot wiser. The first days were special (exciting) and the help from the maternity specialist was nice and professional. We could not have wished for a better maternity assistant than Chantal. Besides all the good care and oh so important tips, also a very nice person! Thank you!


  • Thanks again Brenda for giving Johan such a good start into his life! We don’t know how we would have done it without you. You are a life saver


  • Monique has helped us to enjoy a nice, relaxed maternity week. Pleasant to be present as a person, helpful & good guidance –> a real maternity specialist!


  • I really enjoyed my maternity period thanks to the great help of Arabel who came home to help us start up and Chantal who got us through the rest of the week! I got to know the Kraamspecialist as a company with a heart for the business, passion for their work but above all a lot of humanity and an eye for the people! They do just that little bit extra without your asking. Lots of knowledge, support, patience, explanation and love!


  • If you are looking for personal matching, involvement and great maternity help; Then go to the Maternity Specialist!

Dear Arabel, Aaltje was a gift from heaven. Exactly what we were looking for and needed; nice no nonsense, humor, ‘strict’ for me (which I really needed otherwise I was already in the laptop on day 2) but above all very good for my child and us as new parents :). I am very happy that we chose you and are especially positively surprised by the good match with Aaltje, because you won’t find that matching everywhere. Keep up the good work! We are going to miss Aaltje!


  • More than a month ago we received maternity care from the Maternity Specialist. We were so happy with our maternity assistant Chantal G., who was not only knowledgeable but also very cheerful! Arabel, the owner of the Maternity Specialist, tries to estimate which maternity care suits which family, and that was successful. (And she also indicated that if it doesn’t click, you can just pass this on to her. Great, that space.)


  • I was very happy with a kind of ‘extra’ that the Kraamspecialist offers. I first worked at another maternity agency and I noticed a lot of difference: the maternity specialist is very personal (Arabel knows my name and the name of my child by heart and she knows my situation) and is good and, above all, accessible reachable (you can not only call and email but also app and get a quick answer). In addition, Arabel is a lactation consultant, which means that her maternity assistants have extra knowledge about this and that they can have a short line with her about questions about breastfeeding. And a visit from Arabel to watch and to give advice is of course planned.


  • Arabel came to do the intake, where we could already ask a lot of questions and she thought along with us in a practical way. I also thought it was great that when we came home at 5 pm after the birth, there was maternity help! (Arab came himself.) Not many agencies choose to send a maternity assistant this late in the day – for us this meant a very relaxed first night.

All in all, we were very enthusiastic about the Kraamspecialist; I can wholeheartedly recommend this maternity agency! 🙂


  • Had a very nice maternity week thanks to the Maternity Specialist! Karin has helped us very well with our little girl after a violent birth, besides all the practical help it was very nice to have her in the house. When there were problems with breastfeeding, Karin also acted quickly by calling in the lactation expert, Arabel. With Arabel’s calm approach and useful tips I can finally breastfeed in a relaxed manner! Ladies, thank you so much for everything and keep it up! Love, Nathaly Fernandez


  • We wanted to let you know that we are very happy with Assia’s maternity care at our home this week! She is a real star who makes our maternity week a great success through her professional approach, pleasant communication and involvement and all the extra work (such as cleaning and cooking delicious food) that she does. We are happy every day she comes in!! And we’re looking forward to the day she’s going to leave us again

To the extent that,

Bart-Joris and Joyce


  • I’m very pleased with Chantal. I believe we had a good connection, which is very important in such intimate period. She is very professional and made me feel at ease physically & mentally. She also went out her way for more information which was very helpful for me! MANY thanks Chantal!


  • I can look back on a great maternity week with asha! We were allowed to be her first family at the maternity specialist and she did a great job. I’m glad I chose the maternity specialist, the contact during my pregnancy was already very positive and then I can also get a nice maternity nurse.

Thanks for everything !

  • May 29 I gave birth to twins. had to stay a few days in the zh had been in contact with immediately Arabel . she immediately told me not to worry and that everything was taken care of. When I came home she immediately arranged maternity care and the next day I got assia what a great girl is that a maternity care out of thousands. I really enjoyed her sitting so well that everyone thought she was a friend of mine. The click with my kids was really great with pain in my heart she unfortunately had to leave. But would like to keep it for a few more days. Thanks for the great time. Danielle


  • I had a fantastic maternity period thanks to De Kraamspecialist! Arabel personally made sure that everything was well arranged. And she assigned Corine to our family, which was a hit as she was a perfect fit for me and our family. I really appreciated her expertise, caring, hard work, but above all, the sociability! Greetings Nathalie
  • From the moment Mirelle rang the bell and stepped inside, it immediately felt very familiar. Apart from her good care, useful tips and good advice, she is also a very sweet and nice person to have around you. It actually felt as if a favorite aunt was at our house to pamper our daughter, my friend and me. With her enthusiasm, broad smile and conviviality, she turned every day into a party (I will never forget the fresh fruit trays incl. Mirelle has ensured that we were able to get used to and enjoy our sweet daughter without any worries and she gave us an unforgettable maternity week!