The Coronavirus has us all in its grip. However, we will continue to provide maternity care and assist with deliveries!

We assess the situations on a daily basis and adjust our policy where necessary. We also frequently keep our employees informed with updates. We are in constant contact with hospitals, midwives, RIVM and our own industry organization. If you have specific questions, don’t hesitate to call or email us.

Below is a brief overview of what has changed:

  • Our maternity nurses do not shake hands and take as much distance as possible (1.5 meters) as far as possible.
  • Our maternity nurses take extra hygiene measures.
  • Intakes no longer take place at your home. These are converted to a telephone intake. Any lactation assistance will also take place by telephone.
  • In order to maintain maternity care as well as possible, the national branch organization has indicated that no maternity visits are allowed during the entire maternity period.