About de KraamSpecialist

‘The world of obstetrics and maternity is completely my world. For years I worked at the OLVG West Hospital in the delivery rooms and in the maternity ward. I also did maternity visits for a midwifery practice for several years, where I also gave information about the maternity period and breastfeeding. I am also a lactation consultant and I am a mother of three children. So I have seen and experienced a lot, so that I have experienced what I think is good, but also what could be better. This is one of the reasons why I started my own maternity agency. In De KraamSpecialist I combine the best care and assistance. In this way, mothers and their families receive a great maternity assistant from us, who provides them with an unforgettably pleasant maternity period!’

Arabel Roelofs

The StallSpecialist