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The best care after your birth!


Welcome to De KraamSpecialist

This is your birth. You and your loved ones deserve to enjoy the postpartum period to the fullest!

Our small maternity bureau De KraamSpecialist understands exactly what it means when a baby is born. Our maternity services are a perfect support for what is sure to be an unforgettable time for you and your family as you welcome your new baby to the world. We focus on providing an exceptional level of personalized maternity care with a team of highly skilled professionals, so you can be confident that you and your baby are in very good hands.

What can you expect from De KraamSpecialist

  • You will get a highly personalized service
  • Our Kraamverzorgende (maternity nurse) will respect your unique needs, culture, values and preferences
  • Our maternity nurses are licensed and highly skilled professionals
  • The service is limited to a maximum of two maternity nurses per family (not every day a new face)
  • The intake meeting can take place during the day or evening at your home for your convenience
  • You can attend numerous courses offered by De KraamSpecialist
  • For all your breastfeeding and lactation needs, you can be assisted by our IBLCE lactation consultant
  • We offer the option of renting a breast pump (In partnership with Borstvoedingspraktijk Oostelijke Eilanden)

"With the care, help and information provided by De Kraamspecialist, we want you to fully enjoy your maternity period!"

Arabel Roelofs, founder De Kraamspecialist

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